Downloadable Version

3 Question Survey for Students


For In-Class Assessment: Print

enough copies of the Three-Question Assessment for your class. You can

access the assessment via the link at the top of this page.


For Online Assessment: Publish

the Survey inside the Modules section of your course. Once complete,

here is how you get

survey results.


OVERVIEW: This formative assessment asks three key questions about students' learning, a subject on

which each student will have a unique perspective:


What aspects of the course are helping you to learn?


What aspects of the course are making it more difficult to learn?


What are you, as a student, currently doing or planning to do to enhance your own learning?


This short, open-ended survey works well when you want to find out more about students' learning (as

opposed to what they find enjoyable or disagreeable) as well as about specific aspects of the course that are most impactful.


Consider using this formative assessment at least after the first few weeks of the semester, when

students will have experiences on which to base their feedback, but early enough in the semester that

you will have the opportunity to use the feedback. This assessment could be repeated multiple times during the




In-class time for collecting feedback: 15 minutes or more

Instructor reflection time: Varies based upon the number and kind of responses

In-class time for responding to feedback: 10 minutes