During the arc of a semester, student feedback about their learning can also provide rich information about the impact of your teaching. The process of acquiring feedback from students generally requires minimal time to prepare and administer.

Reviewing and reflecting on these formative assessments can help you consider implementing new teaching techniques, strategies, and technologies that will enhance your students’ learning during the remaining weeks of the semester.

We have provided a few suggestions below for how to gather student feedback in class and online.

Best Practices

* Rather than asking students about your teaching, ask them to focus on their learning
* Avoid asking for feedback immediately before or after giving or returning an exam.
* Use student feedback to help enhance the course design and delivery.
* Thank your students for their feedback and briefly share one or two changes you are able to make.

Feel free to consult with the Center for Teaching before or after requesting feedback from your students.


Periodically talk to students about the importance of feedback for all learners, including yourself.

Before asking students for feedback about their learning experience in the course, tell them:

* Tell them why you are seeking their feedback and how the feedback will be used.
* Emphasize that feedback is part of professional life and asking for feedback is a common practice of successful people.
* Explain that the ability to provide constructive feedback is a valued skill that students should practice.
* Describe an example of how you changed your teaching in the past in response to students’ constructive feedback.


Review Feedback

Students appreciate the prompt, thoughtful review instructors give to their feedback. The Center for Teaching provides consultations about how to contextualize and interpret periodic student feedback, as well as how instructors can leverage this formative information to enhance students’ learning during the remainder of a semester.

Follow-up with students about the feedback you received

Thank students for their feedback.

Acknowledge students’ comments, either by explaining any adjustments you will make or by helping students manage challenges they are encountering in the course.